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The company is determined to anticipate the needs of businesses. A goal achievable thanks to a significant investment in talent, in the development of value services and in a widespread network of strategic partners covering the national territory.

Gallarate, 25 January 2024 - “Investing in company growth means being very far-sighted . However, investments must also follow a strategy to bring returns and success. On this basis, we first of all expanded our staff, making it more performing and ready to satisfy the growing demands of the market; brilliant minds for the development of increasingly advanced value solutions that respond to the needs of public and private organizations." This is the statement of Francesco Addesi, Country Manager Italy of Sangfor Technologies - a global leader in the sector of cybersecurity and integrated, artificial intelligence-enabled cloud computing.

Sangfor Italia is on a growth streak. Started by the parent company in 2018, in the five-year period from 2019 to 2023, the company has made giant strides: from 3 collaborators in 2019 to 23 at the end of January 2024 – 24 also counting the EMEA manager, who chose Italy as his place of work - destined to increase further by the end of the year. There are 9 team members with commercial functions, 4 in the team of sales specialists oriented towards top partners and enterprise projects, and 9 of them are dedicated to pre- and post-sales and marketing which completes the picture

Moving on to our customers, in the same reference period, the growth was very significant: from around 500 in 2019 to over 4000 in 2023.

The number of resellers currently covering the national territory is 130, of which almost 40 are certified partners focused on Sangfor solutions. In 2024 the company will further cover the central south, increasing its local presence thanks to the selection of two new commercial and two pre-sales team members.

Among the reasons for Sangfor's success, the mentions and certifications of international importance should also be considered, Among the most recent are: “The Network Analysis and Visibility Landscape Q1 2023” in the Forrester report, recognition among the main vendors of hyperconverged infrastructure systems by the Gartner Market Share report and CSA Star Level 1 certification.

"To achieve success, we must be clear about the objective and the market, and always be ready for customer needs. Being certified, and knowing the new regulations well - NIS2, for example, is an edge over the competition - is tiring, but it is a commitment that has brought important results in recent years" continues Addesi.


To take safe steps in 2024, in addition to strategies, Sangfor is particularly careful to analyze scenarios and make predictions on trends that will impact cybersecurity during the year.

Ransomware attacks set new records in 2023. According to Corvus Insurance, the increase in attacks exceeded 110% in November 2023 compared to 2022. Artificial intelligence will be used on the one hand, to digitize work environments, build machine learning models, and develop algorithms for detecting, analyzing, and responding to cyber threats. On the other hand, it will be used by attackers for more targeted, sophisticated, and malicious attacks.

Security and risk spending will increase in 2024, driven by new global and regional regulatory and compliance requirements. Security implementations, configurations, policies, and procedures will need to be continually updated. Many public and private organizations still need to overcome the challenges of 2023 such as staff/skills shortages, vulnerabilities, and defense against attacks.


There are many solutions that Sangfor Technologies offers to public and private companies, even spanning multiple locations, for the usability and security of data. The Sangfor Solutions range includes a number of complementary services. However, based on the current scenario, attention falls on 4 solutions, one of which is highly innovative: Sangfor Network Secure – the latest generation Firewall that blocks malware in 3 seconds; Sangfor Cyber Command, a NDR (Network Detection & Response) platform; Sangfor Endpoint Secure, a solution that anticipates the future of Endpoint Security today and the innovative Sangfor Access Secure (SASE) for secure, agile and anywhere accessibility.

Information about Sangfor Technologies

Sangfor Technologies is a global leader in hyperconverged IT infrastructure solutions, specializing in Cloud Computing & Cyber Security. Thanks to the wide range of solutions and services and the collaboration with a widespread network of certified partners, Sangfor can meet the needs of businesses throughout Italy. Making digital transformation simpler and safer is the goal of Sangfor Technologies, which is committed to providing a timely and professional service. There are already over 4,000 customers in Italy who use Sangfor solutions across local and central public administration, healthcare, universities, finance, and private companies. Founded in 2000, Sangfor has more than 9,500 professionals spread across over 60 locations around the world.

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