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Take control back from Rogue Applications

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Malicious Processes from Malware and APTs

350,000 new malware variants are discovered daily, yet malware detection is only 99.5% successful; 1750 new malware variants have the potential of breaching your organization every day.  Malware and advance persistent threats (APTs) are extremely successful in breaching organizations by installing tiny stub applications that can wait a long time to trigger before downloading malicious payloads like ransomware, botnets, and cryptominers. These payloads are also stealthy and almost impossible to detect, regularly avoiding anti-virus, anti-malware, EDR and XDR solutions.  A proactive strategy is needed to prevent these malicious processes from taking hold on your servers, desktops, and laptops.
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Multi-Dimensional Response

Authentication via SMS, Portal, Social Media, and QR Code In addition to the authentication of guests via SMS, Portal, and Social Media, QR codes tailored to specific visitor groups can be created to allow guests to connect to Wi-Fi by simply opening and scanning with any QR code software. This effectively eliminates the need to regularly change your Wi-Fi.
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Application Containment

Sangfor XDDR takes application control to the next level with Application Containment by integrating and correlating endpoint, container, or workload application behavior with their behavior on the network.  Endpoint Secure sends the programs running on the endpoint to the NGAF or IAG where it displays anti-proxy/VPN processes as well as the top 300 running applications. Application Containment policies can be created on the NGAF and IAG based on the applications running to block or monitor specific applications.
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360 Degree Protection

Sangfor IAG technology leads the industry in Information Management by identifying outgoing information in the network and supporting outgoing behavior control on forums, email, instant messengers, network drives, and SSL encrypted emails. Through the provision of a secure web gateway, it prevents the leakage of core information and provides log tractability for network.


Disable Anonymous Proxies & VPNs with Sangfor Application Containment

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Disable Anonymous Proxies & VPNs with Sangfor Application Containment

Recent News and Press Releases

Find out more about Sangfor’s achievements, including industry recognition, awards, and accreditation from the world’s leading analyst firms and test institutes.
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27 Jan, 2024

Sangfor Endpoint Secure Earns AV-Test Top Product Award with Perfect Scores Again

06 Dec, 2023
Press Release

Sangfor Announces the Only Solution Available that Kills Ransomware in 3 Seconds

04 Dec, 2023
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