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Service Overview

Sangfor understands that you may face challenges such as budget pressure, skill limitations, and a tight deployment schedule when embarking on a new network project. In order to achieve the project’s objectives, it is crucial to cover the costs and ensure that the deadline meets business requirements. Sangfor Professional Services are designed to accompany you throughout the whole project journey. Our aim is to help you kickstart your business quickly and maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your project. With Sangfor’s backing, you will be able to configure and deploy your products swiftly and optimize them to align perfectly with your business requirements.

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Service Item

Service Item NGAF IAG HCI Cyber
VDI Others
Advisory and Consulting
Quick Start
Upgrade Plan
Policy Optimization
Health Check
Disaster Recovery Drill
Pre-Event Assistant
Onsite Service

* For more detail information about the Sangfor Professional Services, please refer to the brochure

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Our Hotline

Technical Service Hotlines:

Local National Number:

Global : +60 12 711 7511 (7129)

Thailand : +66 2 508 8627

Macau : +853 6825 8565

Toll-Free Number:

Toll-Free Numbers:

Singapore : +65 800 852 8034

Hong Kong : +852 800 931 345

Italy : +39 800 715068

Sangfor Tech Support Center

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