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Sangfor IAG: Safe Data, Sound Business

Welcome to the forefront of data protection with Sangfor Internet Access Gateway (IAG) - Your shield against data breaches and data leaks. Sangfor IAG’s innovative Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution ensures that any sensitive data leaving your network (outbound) is secure. Sangfor DLP goes beyond traditional solutions by looking not only at the data being transferred but also within the context in which it's sent - considering factors like who's sending it and why. Sangfor IAG dives deep to understand the causes behind data leaks, whether they're malicious or accidental. This intelligent approach improves Your ability to identify threats accurately. 

Data breaches are on the rise and are more costly so a comprehensive data protection strategy is vital. With Sangfor DLP, you get a versatile data protection solution that adapts to different operational environments, offering you both robust security and efficient workflow.
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Solution Capabilities

Secure Outbound Data
Sangfor IAG monitors all communication channels to detect and prevent data leakage, minimizing the risk of insider threats and unauthorized data access.

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Content-Aware Security Control
Sangfor IAG’s content-aware security controls distinguish between malicious and legitimate data transfers, minimizing false positives.

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Regulatory Compliance
Ensure compliance with data protection regulations by gaining granular control over outbound data flow. For example, most Asian Countries have or are implementing data protection laws such as Thailand and Singapore PDPA law. Organizations must notify the relevant data controllers about personal data breaches within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach. Failing to provide such evidence to the authorities may result in very large penalties.
Securing Remote Work
With the rise of Work from Anywhere (WFX), Sangfor DLP extends data leak prevention to remote workers, offering consistent protection regardless of location. For example, organizations can enforce different policies to block which sensitive files from being sent on Microsoft Teams whether employees are connected to the company’s network or using their home Wi-Fi.

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Unified Agent
Simplify management and eliminate security gaps with our unified agent designed to adapt seamlessly across various devices and environments. It consolidated multiple capabilities like DLP audit, DLP control, endpoint compliance check, and SSL decryption into a single agent. The size of the agent is small, ensuring minimal impact on endpoint performance.

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Sangfor DLP Solution

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Business Benefits

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Comprehensive Protection

Sangfor IAG offers an all-encompassing DLP solution instead of being pieced together by multiple components or vendors — a common problem among traditional DLP solutions.
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Minimize Organizational Risk

Protect your organization's reputation, finances, and intellectual property by securing data as it leaves your network.
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From corporate offices to research environments, Sangfor IAG effortlessly adapts to varying contexts, striking a balance between productivity and protection.
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Simple Operations

Our user-friendly interface and unified agent streamline the deployment and management of Sangfor IAG, making robust data protection accessible to all organizations.

Embrace the next generation of data protection and upgrade your organization's defenses against data breaches.

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