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Introducing Sangfor Backup Equipment Service

To ensure that devices receive essential hardware maintenance in the event of failure, Sangfor requires customers to purchase the Basic Hardware Warranty Service for all its products. However, if your business demands high continuity with uninterrupted network operation and maintenance, the Sangfor Backup Equipment Service is the perfect safeguard for you.
Service HRTF
(Basic Hardware Warranty)
Standard Backup Equipment Dedicated Backup Equipment
(On-site Cold Spares)
Response Time 9-5 service 9-5 service 9-5 service 24/7 service 24/7 service
Delivery Period Return To Factory (5 Business days ship after receipt) Same day shipment
(Not Guaranteed Arrival)
Next business day arrival 4-hour arrival, 7 days a week Direct cold standby on the customer side
Delivery Location N/A  Country/Region with a local Sangfor office Direct cold standby on the customer side
Service Duration N/A  Generally no more than 30 working days Temporary licenses are provided on a per-use basis, with no limit on the duration of use

*For more detailed information about the Sangfor Backup Equipment Service, please refer to the brochure

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Our Hotline

Technical Service Hotlines:

Local National Number:

Global : +60 12 711 7511 (7129)

Thailand : +66 2 508 8627

Macau : +853 6825 8565

Toll-Free Number:

Toll-Free Numbers:

Singapore : +65 800 852 8034

Hong Kong : +852 800 931 345

Italy : +39 800 715068

Sangfor Tech Support Center

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